We are D’article!
An enterprise with focus on social and environmental development.
We develop and roll-out creative concepts, perform market research and
provide coaching on the job to make your projects, people and business a success.

Take a look at some of our interesting concepts, projects and experiences.


Concepting & Business Development
Events & Project Management

A product promotion event for all types of electric vehicles. The event promoted brands such as BMW, Renault, Tesla, Volvo, Chevrolet and many other automotive and E-bike brands. This event was the first in its kind Because we combined both sustainable vehicles such as E-bikes and cars. As well as people with a chronic disease … Continue reading "ELECTRIC SUPERCAR STADSRALLY"


The Golden Plates

Concepting & Business Development
Events & Project Management
Market & Quality Research

The Golden Plates is all about improving the Quality of Life by improving the quality of Food, Hospitality and Ambiance.


Concepting & Business Development
Training & Coaching

This is a special training for personnel in various industries willing to learn more about the chain of responsibilities and how to improve hospitality. As part of the training we emphasize the value of a total service concept, and the key role of each and every employee. The program consists out of a series of … Continue reading "GOLDEN EXPERIENCE"


The Hague Age Friendly City

Concepting & Policy Development

The Hague Age Friendly city is a new way of rolling-out city wide policy starting with a focus on Senior Citizens. First and fore most we have set out to show that it is certainly possible to jointly create a bottom-up initiative. What is the hague age Friendly City about? The Hague Age Friendly city … Continue reading "The Hague Age Friendly City"

Vitality Awards

Concepting & Policy Development
Events & Project Management

The Vitality Awards is a concept developped by D’article for the City of The Hague. Main purpose of the Vitality Awards is to further increase the public engagements for and for senior citizens. As well as reduce loneliness amongst the cities citizens. All of this is part of our Age Friendly City program for which … Continue reading "Vitality Awards"



We are a creative and social enterprise that strives to inspire our customers, their clients and people in general. This is achieved by creating remarkable engaging and sustainable concepts. Our goal is to develop experiences that actively involve the target audience.

D’article started in May 2001. And we have managed to gain a lot of experience and a strong network in a broad variety of socially driven activities. The Cases display some of our most successful projects divided into various themes such as: Community & Social Participation, Food & Hospitality, Sustainability & Environment, Mobility & Activities.

We offer a variety of solutions and tools to turn a project into a succes. Depending on the type of project our team will make a selection of the most effective tools to use. Below you can see our “toolbox” which provides you with a global overview of all the tools we can offer.


The development of our Concepts and Services is primarily driven through our commitment to realise a better and more sustainable living and working environment. We believe that delivering a leading edge customer experience is a necessity to distinguish your product and services in the current market place. One way to achieve this is to properly communicate a good user experience to your target audience. We specifically keep those in mind that are generally forgotten such as senior citizens, people with disabilities and/or chronic diseases.

Everything we do in society evolves around people. Thus we look at how people identify with an experience. Whether this is online or offline, a product or service. What’s important is that we look at the longterm impact on people when developing a concept or experience.
Our planet is the mother of all creations. Therefore we enjoy creating concepts that not only improve our lives, but also improve life for our mother Earth. Sustainable and high-impact experiences that help to deliver the message to everyone involved.
Everybody wants to have success. Whether you’re a Business, Governmental Agency or Charitable Foundation. We work at finding a solution that provides benefits and profits to all parties involved.


Feel free to contact us at anytime if you want us to help you find the right concept and/or strategic solution.

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+31 070 33 000 81
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D’article is always interested in skilled and talented people with a natural drive and ambition. We like team members that have a good sense of social and technological developments. Are you convinced that you can be of added value not just to us, but also to society, and consider yourself a good fit with the rest of our team. Then sent us your resume and portfolio.

We are currently looking for a:

Experienced Office and Project Coordinator

We have a job opening for an experienced man or woman as an office and project coordinator. This job is available for 16 – 20 hours per week. Spread over 4 – 5 days of the week. Depending on the level of succes, the working hours might even be upgraded slightly. Job Description: You are … Continue reading "Experienced Office and Project Coordinator" ...

Internship Creative Policy and Business Developer

This is an internship as a creative policy and business developer and is a full-time internship at HBO(College) or WO(University) level. There are 2 positions available for interns. What do we expect: Actively work on developing internal projects and customer engagement. Work on improving project processes. Participate in field work a few times during the … Continue reading "Internship Creative Policy and Business Developer" ...

Concept Designer

Are you a designer that has a couple of years of work experience and are you capable of working independently within a small team. And also committed to working in an environment that primarily deals with socially oriented subject matter that requires a commercial twist such as seniors citizens, people with a disability, and chronically-ill. … Continue reading "Concept Designer" ...